What Do Seattle and NYC Have in Common?

November 09, 2019 11:18 AM Comment(s) By Austina

Proud to have contributed to the writing of this important publication.


This article is a joint publication by the following Washington State non-profit organizations:

 • WA Educators of the Talented and Gifted (www.waetag.org

• NW Gifted Child Association (www.nwgca.org

Over the past month, there have been dozens of articles in the national press about the New York City Public Schools and the recent proposal to shut down gifted and talented programs across the city. The driving reason behind this proposal is the disproportional representation of students from various demographics in citywide gifted programs, including students of color, low-income students, students with disabilities, multilingual learners, and students in temporary housing. However, this set of issues is not at all unique to New York City. Here in Washington state, we have the same equity problems, and in fact, a very similar proposal has just been made in our state’s largest metropolitan public school system, Seattle Public Schools...

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