Services for Parents

I provide parent consulting to help you:   

  • Understand your educational options (with specialty in the Puget Sound Area), including public, private, hybrid, and homeschool options, as well as afterschool and summer enrichment (local, online, and national).
  • Sort through reports from various professionals, including Neuropsychologist Reports, IQ testing, Occupational Therapy, Vision, Auditory, etc.  I can help you understand what the results mean, what data might be missing, and what next steps you might consider.
  • Identify what kinds of testing might be needed to chase down a learning disability or other Twice Exceptionality (2e), and what kinds of professionals you might be looking for.
  • Access both standard and non-traditional therapies for dysgraphia, dyslexia, social development concerns, executive function support, vision processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, and others.
  • Find appropriate research to support your advocacy with schools and other providers.
  • All family consults are done via Zoom. Phone is also available on request.

Appointment times are not confirmed until I receive a signed Hold Harmless form. Please print, sign, scan/photo, and email to

Note: I can't provide a diagnosis for anything. I don't provide counseling or therapy for parents (or for kids). I can't force your school district, principal, or teacher to change their decisions. I don't do college counseling (though I can help you think through high school options and how that may affect college choices). I occasionally will attend an IEP meeting with a client, but I don't consider this my superpower. I don't work with kids directly, only their parents.

I occasionally run SENG Model Parent Discussion Groups (SMPGs) in the Woodinville, WA area.  These groups include 10-20 families, who meet weekly for an 8-9 week series.  If you are interested in being added to the waitlist for a future discussion group series, please email me at

I also do evening or weekend presentations for parent audiences throughout western Washington state. Usually this is in combination with being on site for professional development earlier that day. Occasionally, I will also do a parent presentation through NW Gifted Child Association (NWGCA), where I currently serve as Past President and Community Liaison, usually at one of our bigger events. I may also do parent presentations through the WA Coalition for Gifted Education, where I am now serving as co-President. Parent groups or other community organizations can also hire me to give an evening presentation to their parents, either in person or online. 

Here are my most commonly requested parent/community talks:

You may also find these publications that I authored or co-authored to be helpful:
- Look in the Articles area!
- What do Seattle and NYC Have in Common? A joint position paper by WAETAG and NWGCA about equity in HiCap identification and services
- Accelerated Learning and Enhanced Instruction A deep dive on WA state's HiCap law