• Confusing Road Ahead?

    These smart kids don't come with instructions. I can help you figure out your options, whether that is discovering the best school fit, finding the right professional help, or accessing resources that will help you on your journey. My specialty is helping families find the root cause(s) of twice exceptionality (2e), which often go beyond the usual suspects and require a team approach - and are much more common than you think.

It's not easy

to navigate schools, childcare, summer camps, and other programs that just weren’t designed for kids like yours

It's not easy

to spot learning disabilities or differences in a smart kid, because they can compensate so much

It's not easy

to parent a kid who has strong perfectionism, sensitivity, and/or intensity

It's not easy

when a kid knows the content, but can’t manage to do the assignments or hand in the homework

It's not easy

to make friends, if your kid is looking for their soulmate
when their agemates just want to play ball

When school is too easy

smart kids don't develop grit, a growth mindset, perseverance, time management, or a solid work ethic - and stealth learning disabilities can remain hidden 

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Parent Consulting

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