The 2e Book

I'm writing a book! The goal is to help families get to the root cause(s) of their kid's 2e issues. 

Each chapter will cover a different possible diagnosis and includes:
  - Clues. What symptoms you might notice in a gifted kid
  - Non-clues. What you'd think are clues, but aren't (and might even mislead)
  - Screening. What you can try at home to get more confident about pursuing a diagnosis.
  - What to do about it. How to get it formally diagnosed, and what intervention/accommodations might be helpful
  - Out of the box ideas. Alternative strategies that you might consider.
  - Other possible causes. The other disabilities that can look similar, or have frequent overlap.

I'm looking for reviewers to help edit draft chapters. Interested? First chapter on stealth dyslexia is already available. 
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